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Refrigerated Transportation Company in Dalton, GA


The most valuable resources for any trucking company are it’s drivers. At Cedar Creek Trucking in Dalton, GA, all of our trucks have the drivers’ needs in mind. All units are condo sleepers with built-in refrigerators and are washed weekly as they hits the yard. Each load is 100% no-touch to the driver. We run 53-foot temperature-controlled trailers with dry freight out of the Southeast and refrigerated produce back from our customers in California, Oregon, Washington, and other states depending on the season. We are currently looking for drivers who would like to run teams. You’re home nearly every week with most trips averaging 4,500-5,500 miles.

Refrigerated Transportation Company in Dalton, GA

What Makes Us Different?

1. You receive a $5,000 sign-on bonus

2. You receive a $2,000 team referral bonus

3. You’re paid the day you complete your load, Monday-Friday. No waiting.

4. Round-trip top pay averages $850-$1,100/week per driver before fuel bonuses. Pay is dependent on three scales based on a percentage (12-14%, based on tenure) of billed load revenue less fuel surcharge per driver.

5. Fuel Bonus Program is different than all other trucking companies in that it is your choice. Your base pay is the same as all other drivers depending on your tenure (12-14%); however, your monthly bonus check is based on your choice in driving speed, idle, and the other ways to maximize mpg.

Ready To Get Started?

Fill out the application below, and we’ll be in contact with you if we feel if it’s a good match.

For more information about our trucking services or if you want to apply to drive, please give us a call at 706-259-1835. We look forward to hearing from you!

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