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$5000 Team Sign On Bonus

$2000 Team Referral Bonus

The most valuable resource to any trucking company are Drivers. Our trucks are specified with the driver in mind. All units are condo sleepers with built in refrigerators. All equipment is washed weekly as it hits the yard. Our oldest truck as of June '13 is 6 months old. We have one of the newest fleets in North Georgia. Cedar Creek is a truckload carrier that provides exceptional service from the Southeast to the West and Northwest. We run '53 temperature controlled trailers with dry freight out of the Southeast and refrigerated produce back from California, Oregon, Washington, and other states depending on season. 

All our loads are 100% no touch to the driver.  We are currently looking for drivers that would like to run teams. If you don't have a partner, don't worry, we will work to find someone your comfortable running with.  Each quarter, we also have select opportunities for a limited amount of trainees. You will be paired with an experienced driver that can teach you the unique skills to run a refrigerated load.

We are currently looking for drivers that would like to run teams. You're home nearly every week with most trips averaging 4500-5500 miles. All loads are 100% no touch to the driver.

You're paid the day you complete your load, Mon-Fri. No waiting.  

Round trip top pay averages $850-$1100/week per driver before fuel bonuses. Pay is dependent on three scales based on percentage (12-14% , based on tenure) of billed load revenue less fuel surcharge per driver.  We have just put in a new fuel bonus program to compensate drivers that have exceptional performance.

We have designed the new fuel bonus system to allow drivers to choose their bonus level based on their fuel performance. Driver behavior in driving style and speed are the largest determining factor in fuel efficiency.  This program is different than all other trucking companies in that it is your choice. Your base pay is the same as all other drivers given your tenure (12-14 %) ; however, your monthly bonus check is based on your choice in driving speed, idle, and the other ways to maximize mpg.

Choice, you determine your potential wage. Have you always wished you were rewarded for being a better driver? Here is your chance.  You will find that choosing to go a few miles per hour slower, paying attention to idle time, proper gear selection and use of cruise, fifth wheel settings (trailer gap), and correct tire pressure can and will make you more money.  We will try to make all the factors you can't control as equal as possible. All our trailers are being outfitted with aerodynamic skirts and mpg goals are set by groupings of like kind year, make, and model power units. Unit traveling in certain areas (mountains) will have modifiers to keep the goals fair.

All drivers are issued monthly feedback on idle and mpg. You can also call during regular day hours and we will go over the current performance of the unit.  All our Cascadias have specially optioned fuel mpg gauges to allow drivers to monitor their own performance. All units are tracked by the latest technology from Detroit which integrates ECM injector data with GPS coordinates in real time (Visibility monitoring via Detroit Virtual Technician). It gives us an instant clear picture of both problems and driver performance. If you are computer savvy, a special login can be created so you can monitor your own truck via Detroit's web page. You can see the effect your driving has on your mpg and ultimately your bonus potential. 

Drivers that choose to perform above average will be compensated for their performance. Top level monthly bonuses can run as high as $2,000 a truck , if the drivers go all out to achieve what we know is possible. With the latest equipment and aerodynamic aids, we are helping our drivers achieve what once was impossible. Like any new program, it is subject to review to see that our seasonable goals are set accordingly and are fair.  We value your feedback and through hard work, we will build a program based on you, the driver.  If you would like to work for a company that recognizes and rewards your good driving skills, please give us a call. Call 706-259-1835 and ask for Larry Holland in recruiting or go to the application tab above and fill out a brief form and we will contact you.

We have a new truck waiting for you.




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